Undercover Democrat Communist


Communism Versus Freedom: The Strategy for Taking Over the Democratic Party


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Now which prominent Democrats would you think could be possibly working behind the scenes for an American Communist organization. Not that it concerns me, I believe the Communists nation’s have revealed their true selves to the world. Russia’s economic failure and the Oligarchs vying for power against the state institutions. Then there is China, also going from vibrant to stagnant economy in the blink of Trumps eye. Their opposition to freedom as they gas and shoot dissidents in Hong Kong.

American Communism is a non starter in the USA, although the Democrats seem open to Sanders new brand “Democrat Socialist.” Yet using that term in a National Presidential election, even the cockroaches would run to vote for Trump.

But who could be undercover Communist, in their policies and social agenda?

Warren Staffer says he’s the only straight person on staff

Project Veritas: Warren staffer irked by focus on ‘identity politics,’ says ‘this is why we lose’


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Opinion | George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook – The New York Times

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” This does not apply in my case. Zuckerberg isn’t really my enemy also, only Facebooks censorship and free speech violation.

“The social media company is going to get Trump re-elected — because it’s good for business.”
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2020/01/31/opinion/soros-facebook-zuckerberg.html

The Foundation of the Shinning City


Dreamer is someone who thinks Americans will elect candidates as you have described. Americans are no longer reliably informed about candidates, About politics or really anything objectively. The media is a monopoly , controlled by a handful of elites pushing a globalist agenda. Of course it is far left, radical, liberal, and socialist.

Yet I believe the globalist oligarchs likely use issues merely to gain power through our institutions to obtain their real ultimate agenda. Once they are securely in control, they will maintain it not by allowing liberal or socialist ideals to threaten it. Tyranny will arise as it has after every socialist-communist victory.

Fascism is liberal tyranny. Our society’s culture demonstrates this, in our university campus’s enforcement of jackbooted political correctness. Our broadcast, print and social media who 24/7; attack our President who halted Hillary Clinton’s – Soros globalist revolution. This alone has fueled the vicious attack against this administration for THREE years.

Furthermore, The new radical democrats vision for America, our courts, our congress, et al. There has been a social revolution in America unchallenged since the media became all powerful under Bill Clinton’s telecommunications act. Since our education system has dumbed down our electorate, and replaced education with propaganda.

Our people who have not been re-educated have been distracted by “Bread and Circus’s”.

Our freedoms dissolve in plain site. We as a democracy are evolving into something different in form but familiar in the maxim ‘power corrupts’

Like a red tide flowing over America, we will drown in our ignorance. The Statue of Liberty may as well have a banner draped over it; “Abandon Hope all ye Who Enter.”

If any hope remains it will be from courageous men and women, our remaining institutions who still believe, and the rich and powerful Americans with the resources and will, to not only push back but take back.

Many dark periods of history have been transformed and won by the few, who were enlightened, had an inspired vision, and responded with the will and determination only greatness produces.

Our two paths, as in the poem, stand before us. Which we take may be up to you. Up to each of us.

God bless America.

By Jim Kirk-Wiggins (c) January 29, 2020 All rights reserved.

Current Presidential Candidates vote to impeach their opponent. That’s better than winning?

Some faint breeze of mention. It’s starkly familiar to the allegations against President Trump of political motivation in an official capacity when allegedly suggesting to Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden. Are the Democrat candidates who may vote to impeach President Trump using their political office for political gain? Then again wasn’t that exactly what the House Democrats been doing, since Nancy Pelosi reared up her wrinkled, dementia ridden head and said, “I have decided to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. It’s like, ‘do as I say not as I do, or I will impeach you’. There is no justice in politics, only who is left standing after flash bang concussions of insane rhetoric and procedures. Jim Kirk-Wiggins liberipress.com



By Jim Kirk-Wiggins

“The Winter of our Discontent”, is the title by author John Steinbeck in his last novel published. Steinbeck as many of us old men complain about the degeneration of morality in the years preceding, Steinbeck told his story with this theme. Maybe… the book has been torn apart and analyzed by great literary Scholars, with various hyped conclusions. Take it all with a grain of salt, even Steinbeck’s explanation.

The book’s title, alone, came to mind instantly as I thought about this piece, reviewing the plot, I see the main character Ethan and I are having our eyes opened to the events and the accepted moral wall of our times. As I’m sure many others have; “ The 2020, Pilgrims Progress.” I’m not yet sure the significance of that, yet, if any.

The book’s title, alone, came to mind instantly as I thought about this piece, reviewing the plot, I see the main character Ethan and I are having our eyes opened to the events and the accepted moral wall of our times. As I’m sure many others have; “ The 2020, Pilgrims Progress.” I’m not yet sure the significance of that, yet, if any.

I discuss Christianity, more in-depth, because I believe it is the primary adhesive that has held Elitism in place. Yet it is waning in Europe, while lesser so in America. America appears to be at crossroads. Which is why EU elites and their American sponsors, have attacked every thing American for 4 years. Not everything Trump, everything American Nationalism. The lies, propaganda, politics, media, has made America not a swamp, but a Shark frenzied predator filled reef.

Buddhism’s truth is “life is an illusion based on our ignorance, therefore we suffer.”

Science, Quantum Science mixes with Philosophy, Biology, Psychology to start and states this with a question , “Consciousness is everything and everything is Consciousness.” Yet this has become not just a theory, but truth not proved, or understood completely.

These ideas maybe the last truth you receive from any religion or science. At this point each laboriously attempts to prove what has been revealed isn’t true, according to doctrine, traditions, and Scientific sacred cows. It all started at the beginning as Mankind was establishing a culture.

The single greatest harmful thing, or idea developed by mankind, early on, was Salesmanship, marketing, hype. From that point on, it became acceptable to represent, sale, pitch, persuade others about the true value of things. Lying and hype was just exposition, beyond the apparent. It surely was used many ways, but its true cultural impact came with the; Shaman, Witchdoctor, or Prophet.

They pitched; Magic, the unique power of entities, stories, material things, God’s and Goddesses. Then they elucidated their special connection, manipulation, favor or position with these things. Building God’s and their Generals.

Fast forward eons up until today, and the hype, exaggeration or fantasy plays apart in practically anything valued. Yet, we know all is an illusion, (If we have that imagination.) Did I just have an AHA! Moment. No. The Devil was a salesman, Moses, Buddha, Emperors, Conquerors and practically any title or person worth mention. Pharmaceutical companies, yes really. Ha, ha.

What is my Discontent? The Hype, Lie, Exaggeration, Fantasy, False Expectation of so much that impacts our lives, actions, philosophies, politics, war, personality, our core.

The movie “The Matrix” was about living life as a person in an illusory, contrived world. Yet it was organized, controlled, and on the outside appeared orderly and true. Our Beliefs that guide us don’t even meet this standard. (I consider this is the path pursued.)

To be explicit I am Discontented about how we falsely represent, teach, demand a specific view or conclusion about so many things. Such lies, exaggerations, illusions include:

God, Family, Country, Religion, Love, Friendship, Happiness, Work, Morality, Democracy, America, Government, the Constitution, Our forefathers, secularism, basic Goodness of Mankind, Liberalism, Liberals, Personal strength and achievement, Ayn Rand, Jesus, Popes, Santa Clause, Quality Education, Decency, Dreams, Hope, Faith…We have sold everything though lies and exaggeration.

Pontus Pilate said to Jesus; “What is Truth?” We have no idea, as the lies like spider webs entangle us to be foolish, ignorant, gullible, and continuously act without reason in a nonsensical pattern that must confuse even God, if he exists as we think.

Surely somethings must be true, worthy, good; but we’ve lost the ability to differentiate truth from propaganda.

This Chaos exists with purpose and intent.

Where is this all leading, reject all so called truth, from any source, any.

Free your mind of its chains, control, and forced obedience. At least through mental exercise tear down all accepted truth, with caution and maintaining your roots deeply anchored.

All Happiness and peace come from the moment, now. The past is a circular treadmill of guilt, blame, anger, and many negative thoughts stealing your valuable life. The future is worry, fear, dread, paranoid actions. A sometimes invisible burden of discomfort.

I know we have to provide for future needs, sometimes relying on past experience. Make sure that’s all you are doing, beware rabbit holes and circular on ramps.

The moment, be there, do something fun, fulfilling or productive. Enjoy the moment, that’s all that truly exist.


Your assignment while practicing freedom, simple anarchy, rebuilding the present, is Read “John Steinbeck’s novel; “The Winter of our Discontent.”

By James Kirk-Wiggins, © January 20, 2020. All rights reserved LiberiPress.com

(Storm Photo, CNBC, March 14, 2017. Mike Dwyer | AP)

(Woman thinking, Creative Commons License, no copyright, free use)

Hillary Has Lost It….


First of all, I as for peace and ending the Forever wars as many Democrats were, including the squad until recently.

I am not a Russian spy, or Russian sleeper cell. Actually, at my age, and being retired, I would not run or accept the nomination for President of the United States. LOL. Johnson said that. Really I get stressed watching CNN. Plus I’m not delusional to the point I would even fantasize that nightmare.

Why am I saying this nonsense?

Since Hillary as the Great and Powerful Oz, has come from behind the curtain, and all the media munchkins are actually spreading her story, So now we know who is at least a front man for the shadow government.

But, I just believe she is having a severe meltdown, and some of the media are like mongrels, following a bitch in heat. The mainstream media has also been now identified as stepford journalists. With a small J.

Here is who Hillary is raving and slobbering over. I hope Chelsea or Bill gets her help.

Tulsi Gabbard, a decorated Veteran.

I too am a Veteran, Vietnam one tour, 24 years as a combat aircrew member. I have a few medals, Meritorious Service x2, plus a few good conduct and a handful of campaign ribbons. I wasn’t a hero, just a patriot, still am.

By Jim Kirk-Wiggins, libeipress.com

Liberi is a Latin verb for Free!

Social Media Freedom Day


Declared October 31, 2019,

I hope and believe all News and commentators, print or broadcast would stand with us, as we will always support their right of freedom from censorship, coercion, or bullying by corporations or other entities. This should be a day of solidarity and celebrations. God bless America and our experiment in Democracy for and by the people.

Facebook and other social media have evolved from corporate content, to that of a public Arena, for the expression of diverse opinions and ideas, with the same Constitutional protection of the right for Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press.

This is not an Ad or promoted writing.

It’s not an advertisement for or against any candidate, official, or political party.

The House has been involved in their phony impeachment goat rope, to the seclusion of their legitimate responsibility, they have avoided their unique power in the passing of a budget for the smooth and efficient operations of our government. They have violated their role as one of the three branches of the American government. Should they be impeached, censured or otherwise held accountable. Yes! They went on recess, evidently not concerned the Government budget continuing resolution ends in November.

I really would like to know why a group of politicians who aren’t very impressive public figures, think they are more capable of investigating President Trump, than Mueller, and the full resources of the FBI. It’s silly actually, it’s like Nancy Drew following up on Sherlock Holmes.

America is tired of this political fake mud slinging, and would like for our government to get back to work and function cooperatively, for the good of the United States.

Yet the house, has started its own tribal warfare involvement, and regime change quagmire, that they will not be able to walk away from with any dignity or positive results. Their only recourse is to humble themselves, in front of their lofty and Once proud place as the Representatives of the American people, of whom they owe accountability.

This country went mad with Donald Trump’s defeat of Hillary, and sanity remains elusive, to the detriment of Democracy, and the unity of one Nation.

This article stands on Free Speech, in the Bill of Rights. Liberi Press is a private cyber media or News reporting entity.

Claiming all rights of any print or broadcast media, and under the protection of our Constitution, having been defended many times in front of the Supreme Court, by courageous news organizations. We are not China, Hong Kong, Russia or Iran. Our civil rights far exceeds their repression and abuse of their wards.

Facebook must have a paradigm shift and realize, while it began as a corporate entity, it has evolved as a Twenty First Century first, a public arena for the expression of diverse ideas and opinions, with equal protection under the Constitution. And not subject to Facebook censorship or manipulations, unless possibly a clear violation of law, as does any magazine, Broadcast, or Newspaper.

Facebook owns the cover, but the people now own the content.

Again, I Declare October 31, 2019, as Social Media Freedom Day.

Opinion by Jim Kirk-Wiggins, for LiberiPress.com